Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Oops....I got busy and have forgotten to update in a while. 

Recap:  Turned 50 last week.  Went to a Pub and participated in a trivia contest.  Worked and continue to work on wrapping up the school year.  Gamed a little bit.

Speaking of games, last Friday I ran Boot Hill for a second time.  However, because of the high demand every free moment, I didn't get to prep until literally the few hours before hand.  I had forgotten most of the rules and I needed to remember the rules because I had to teach 2 people how to play.  So, long story short, I made up stuff as I went along and we all had a pretty good time.  The characters were hired by the town of Brimstone to be city marshals to restore law & order when the town boomed because of a silver mine hitting big in the hills and the railroad deciding to come through town.  The "module" I used was from an old Dragon magazine and it had a great table for rolling up random "offenses" for the marshals to handle.  They dealt with a disturbing the peace, a manslaughter case, and a bank robbery.  Next time (whenever that is), we'll have a follow-up on one of the robbers that got away and have the circuit judge come through town. 

This coming Friday, I'm running a group through Matt Finch's Tomb of the Iron God using Searchers of the Unknown.  I did some more research on the rules and found a compendium which applied the rules to all sorts of genres.  I also found a really nice character sheet which explains the game well also.  Looking forward to more door removal and gonzo gaming.

Well, still have a stack of labs and tests to grade.  More later.
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