Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monstrous Pathfinder

Well, as the title suggests, the game last Friday was a "monster" one-shot using the Pathfinder rules.  Our other DM (besides me) got to wondering a while back: Where do the summoned monsters come from?  When a mage casts Summon Monster, where does it come from and where does it go?  So, he decided to have a little fun with that idea. 

At the start, he handed us these large packets.  They were corner stapled and had been turned to the "Dire Rat" creature.  Each page was a stat block (which I thought was ridiculous).  Anyway, the story goes, "You all bunk down for the night after a fairly uninteresting day walking through the woods, heading toward the next town.  The next thing you know, you hear the voices of a halfling and a gnome.  But they're loud and above you.  As you begin to focus your eyes, you see these creatures standing taller than you.  The gnome is holding a wand or rod with all these odd protuberances.  He says, 'go down this hall and look for traps and secret doors'.  You feel compelled to follow his orders."

And so we start this little adventure.  After carefully going about 80 feet down the hallway, our resident wargamer who cannot roleplay takes off at a full run down the middle of the hall.  He trips a wire withing 50 feet which sets off an old-school (read 1E) fireball trap.  We all have 9 hp points. The trap does 8d6 damage.  TPK within 20 minutes of starting.  Ugh.....so, using 2d30 (yes, not d20 but d30) we roll up new creatures.  The DM took all the splat books lists of summoned monsters and sort of evened them out around 2 to 5 HD.  Also, the halfling turned out to be kender (the hint was he was wearing shoes) and the gnome was a tinker gnome.  Great....we're on Krynn.  I ended up playing a dire rat, a medium venomous snake, a large centipede, and a centipede swarm.  Surprisingly large amount of combat was accomplished given the way PF combat tends to bog down.  Though, I must admit he often would say things like "make a Perception check" and I'd say, "where's that?"  Not much roleplay since we couldn't communicate with the summoner but it was still fun for a one shot.

Next game will be in 2 weeks because of graduation and Memorial Day holiday.  Then the NTRPG con!  Yea!
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