Thursday, May 31, 2012

Got the Survey...

Hmmm, they (WotC) just sent me the survey of how I felt about the D&D Next game I played in last week.  I'm glad they waited this long because it really let me think about the game.  I do wish I could run it, maybe a couple of times with different tweaks to see how it all plays out.  But I get the feeling that I'd end up just running it like Swords & Wizardry/Basic D&D so it wouldn't be a fair test.

In general, that's kinda how I answered the survey.  They first off asked which version was my favorite.  While 1st ed is my base point, I've really come to love the simpler Basic edition even more.  I kinda wonder if that relegates my answers to some back room in which it will be ignored.  Since the playtest, I've been trying to figure out who is this game made for?  It's not made for 4e players because it is nothing like the MMO experience they all appear to enjoy.  It's not aimed at old school folks like me because there's all these little fiddly bits which get in the way.  Plus, the hit points and hit dice and healing are just way too far out in left field to even feel like a part of the game.  Is it trying to steal back the Pathfinder crowd?  It might be.  As PF simplified 3.5, this appears to simplify PF.  And as much as we would like to think our version of gaming is The Right Way and The Most Popular, I know that is not the case (either case).  So, it could be aimed squarely at the folks who are fully into 3.5 and didn't jump on the Pathfinder boat as well as the current crop of PF players.  The one hint in the survey which I feel is in favor of this opinion is when it asked "what edition did this feel like" and I said 3rd.  It had things like Feats and things like Skills and you could still do a lot of different things. 

So, now that I've sent it in, I feel a little deflated.  I wish there had been a chance to push for the re-release of the older edition modules.  Maybe that will come if they're trying to pull in the grognards like me.  I won't hold my breath.  I'll just continue playing S&W and ignoring the latest edition news....and edition wars.
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