Wednesday, June 6, 2012

North Texas RPG Con!

Well, if you're in the Dallas area, they're setting up for the con in about an hour.  Then, the group will head to dinner at Fuddruckers near the hotel (Holiday Inn, Bedford).  I had hoped to be a part of this but the wife is going in for a major check up (getting old is so much fun....) and I'm needed to drive her home.  So, I'll head up there Thurs afternoon as soon as I can get away from home and stay there until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  I'm so looking forward to playing games I know and learning new ones.  I'm going to be picking up how to play Metamorphosis Alpha and Gamma World.  I'm signed up to play in Mythrus Tower using Swords & Wizardry rules as well as playing in Tim Kask's Original D&D game.  I'm hoping to hop in on Sandy Peterson's Call of Cthulhu game or maybe Jeff Dee's Villians & Vigilantes.  Not sure.  I do have stuff to get signed, like my original box Call of Cthulhu by Sandy Peterson, Supplement IV by James Ward and Tim Kask (already have Rob Kuntz's signature), a copy of the Red box rules and Blue Box rules by Frank Mentzer, Stonehell Dungeon and Dungeon Alphabet by Michael Curtis, and two modules by Paul Jaquays (now Jennell Jaquays).  Got my dice packed up, my books, and clothes.  Thinking of packing a few beers, maybe not.  Some snacks...need to get those.  I can't wait!  Finally, some down time away from the chaos and stress of home.

I'll try to blog some of it if something cool happens.  Otherwise, I'll give a report after I get back and rest up.
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