Saturday, June 16, 2012

Insanity of Life

Well, I had planned on following up the last post with a day-by-day presentation of the games, sessions, and people I had the opportunity to meet and play with.  However, Life has grabbed me by the short hairs and is yanking me around.  Summer camp is a lot busier than I had thought it would be.  Also, the due date for my first grandchild has been moved up a week because she's bigger than expected and my little daughter may not be able to have her normally.  In addition to all this, my guilt driver/app is running on HIGH because I've been wanting to get rid of a lot of crap in our garage as well as culling a lot of my gaming stuff.  We as a family have way too much clutter.

So, in reference to dumping some gaming stuff, here's what I've decided.  I'm dumping as much of my 3e/3.5 stuff as I can.  Most of it is reference material which I'm just not interested in looking at anymore.  Some of the books might have some interesting ideas for other GMs to use in their games, but I've read through them enough to get the gist of what I want and they're just taking up space.  Unfortunately, I'm not in the mood to list them all here yet.  I will....eventually.  If there's something some one wants, ask.  I might have it.  I'd take a picture, but for some reason the camera on my phone quit working two weeks ago and I've not bothered getting it fixed.

I will come back and post the day-by-day stuff later.
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