Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Creative Juices Flowing

I know I should be doing something job-related & productive in that arena....but my mind's on the game for Friday.  Here's something I had been working on.

Wilderlands Astronomy

The planet of the Wilderlands is known just as Tandok, an old word which meant “ground, dirt, or soil” in ancient Kelnorian.  It circles a yellow star, larger than Sol.  There are 3 inner planets and 2 outer planets as well as 2 moons.  Klivven is the closest planet to the sun, and is known as “The Weak One” or “The Little One” or “The Child”.  Next is Halgrem, The Flame.  It appears as a dark red star in the morning or evening sky and is sacred to the Harmakhians.  Teva is the 3rd planet and is known for its beautiful golden glow.  It’s common names include “The Lady” and “The Maiden”.  Beyond Tandok is Sota, The Mid-wife.  Usually appearing as a dull greenish star, it works its way slowly through the 15 zodiacal constellations.  Lastly is Tuvel, the Watcher (or the Old Man).  It is difficult to see on most nights because of its bluish purple color.

The zodiac of the Wilderlands varies with the culture, but the one most used by the Alryans and the Tharbrians consists of the following elements: The Crocodile, The Otter, The Hammer, The Stork, The Ravens, The Archer, The Dragon, The Scales, The Eagle, The Scarab, The River Lily, The Snow Leopard, The Cart, the Hunter, and The Shepherd.   Thus, the months reflect the names of these constellations: Modan, Felvos, Thorsen, Tauthen, Wotan, Dian, Ostaran, Mitran, Sekran, Armakran, Neftan, Gidibis, Etsan, Kutan, and Zeenar.

The year begins with the Vernal Equinox being the 1st day of Modan.  The year is 461 days long, with a leap year adding one day to the month of Mitran every 15 years.  Each month consists of 30 or 31 days broken down into 8 day weeks.  The break matches the cycles of the closer moon, Sedna, which has a period of 30.45 days.  The further moon, Gorma, has a period of 62.37 days.
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