Friday, September 19, 2014

Some Random Friday Thoughts

Several things have been occurring in my little world which have had my thoughts jumping from topic to topic in a most unhelpful way.  So, in an effort to gain some control I thought I'd try to nail a few of them down here .

My gaming:  Two big events coming up.  One is the start of my OD&D/1e campaign.  I'm going back to my roots (or comfort zone as some would say) and digging out all my old adventures that I wrote back in my college and graduate school days.  I'm updating it all to add in new acquisitions made since then as well as changing some of the dated references of the early to mid 80's.  I'm adding in some Wilderlands stuff as well as some of the old TSR modules I have picked up these past 20 years.  I'm also making a list of the rules changes, ie which OD&D rules take precedence to 1e and vice versa, that will be the foundation of the system.  Hopefully, I end up with something that looks interesting and that folks will want to play.

The other big event is pulling the trigger on the PF game, I think.  The current DM and most (if not all) of the players like a high powered super character combat driven game.  I don't.  I also generate my character's personality from his stats and how the world works.  They generate their characters' personalities from feats and skills, regardless of the world.  They have backstories and names and such before they have stats.  I never give my characters a serious name until they reach 3rd level.  To me, character death is no big deal because chargen takes 10 minutes.  To them, character death is awful and should be avoided at all costs because chargen takes hours.  So, different outlooks and different attitudes will eventually cause strife either in the game or at the table.  I like these folks personally so I'd rather walk away from the table with friendships intact rather than be unhappy or cause others to be unhappy.

My home life:  The next child is heading out to college this coming week.  That's two of the four kids gone.  The big house is going to feel more empty.  The wife has added lots of clutter to hide that fact, I think.  And clutter makes me irritable.  So, we have some undercurrents of strife. Adding to that strife is the cost of the college, which is not insignificant and we've still yet to hear back from the Financial Aid department.  I'm taking on tutoring jobs to add in some cash but I don't think it will be quite enough.  We'll see.

School/Job:  Odd schedule and more duties.  Busy, busy, busy but not feeling like I'm accomplishing anything.  Trying to implement new tech strategies.  Preliminary results are positive.

Well, I think that's all of it.  Just sort of venting so no need to comment unless you just want to.  Thanks for listening.
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