Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gaming Post, I promise

I have to share this.  For the past couple of years, I've been running the RPG club for middle school kids at my school.  I've been using the Swords & Wizardry Core Rules with a few modifications and a heavy dose of "gonzo".  They love it.  In fact, the club is so popular this year, I have had to split the group into two and have each group meet on a different day.  So, I've got each group meeting weekly, but I'm running twice a week.

Anyway, each year by now, the boys have been excited telling their parents about the game.  I always tell the kids that it's very much like the original Dungeons & Dragons from the late 1970's and they get that.  Well, because of that, the dads have been keeping up with the games through their sons and some have even been running games at home with the whole family.  Last month, one of the dads stopped by to watch and kibitz the kids as they played.  The next game, he sent the boy with Mountain Dew and Cheetos.  On this past Wednesday, one of the kids arrives with a binder.  "It's my dad's D&D binder!  Look at all the cool stuff!", he excitedly called out.  The boys gathered around and spent 30 minutes looking at the drawings, maps and characters in the binder.  "Why aren't any of these on character sheets?" one of them asked.  "Because there were no special character sheets back then." I responded.  ""

And another generation is hooked.  And, even better, the dads are now playing in their own groups and running games for their kids. 
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