Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick Note

Just to let you all know, no gaming this week.  Hoping to game on the 17th with the Old School group if there are no conflicts.  I'm sure I'll need the distraction of playing rather than DM-ing.  Especially after the odd call today.  Dad's at MD Anderson for another round of chemo plus a CT scan to check on how the tumors are reacting.  However, he tells me today (over the phone) that today's meeting with the doctor involved: the doctor finally showing the results of the CT scan from March, the doctor pointing out more possible tumors than originally they are the point of further exploration with CT today, and lastly, that Dad has had blood in his urine all week. comment all week about this in my daily calls., going to try to either go see him this weekend or spend some serious time on the phone with him working things out.  Also, learned that the doctor is supposed to review the CT scan from today and meet with Dad tomorrow morn.  I've asked to be telephoned in for that one.  I may have more tomorrow.  This is just kind of a vent post, I guess.....
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