Saturday, March 23, 2013

Playing in the White Box

We had a 2nd game in the the S&W White Box this week.  Stan ran a continuation of his game in his Redmark world.  The last game we played, we found the Amulet of Shinkara which turned out to be a handy little healing item.  We started this time with turning in the Amulet to the Duke who had put out a reward for anyone finding it.  When we showed up with it, we were rewarded not only financially for our troubles but we were also given a tower in a northern castle/keep if we would be willing to do other dungeoneering things for the Duke.  Since we unfortunately only had two players as the others had various personal or professional conflicts, we had to hire a batch on NPC's to flesh out our info gathering ability.

Arriving at our tower, we discover that the nobility who actually owns the keep is still present, is related to the duke, and is quite mad which requires him to be locked away.  The meister who is currently acting as steward immediately set off our personal alarms and we started trying to figure out his background and control level.  We had fun giving his spies lots of red herrings as we were looking for information about him.

Lots of role play was done.  We had a real blast.  I rolled dice twice, both were ability checks.  No combat.  It was great.

Now, I know this was terse.  As most of you know, I am pretty distracted right now dealing with my dad's recent discovery of tumors on his pancreas and his liver.  I am currently at MD Anderson with him, awaiting a biopsy of the tumors and the start of chemo or radiation treatments.  So, no game this coming week.  I'll get back to regular posting as soon as life settles down again.
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