Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Personal Note

Just a little note to say goodbye to a pet.  A friend of mine gave us a male Maine Coon cat about 10 years ago.  He'd been a rescue from someone but my friend didn't know the details.  He'd been declawed and fixed, so he wasn't a kitten anymore.  He never fully bonded with the family but he did love to beg sandwich meat when we made sandwiches.  He was a pretty cat.  He tolerated some attention but preferred to just be around us, not with us. 

About a month ago, I noticed he had stopped cleaning himself and that he moved slower.  Being more of a pet lover than my wife, I urged her to take him to the vet.  We had several discussions about it because she kept putting it off.  Her upbringing gave her the perspective that a pet was more for working/helping around the house rather than being an adopted member of the family, which is how I was raised.  So, we never got him to a vet...and his condition continued to deteriorate.  The past few days, he couldn't even move from his spot on a pillow. 

So, now I'm going through all the guilt and not-quite-anger of having failed to see if we could have helped him.  It's a weird kind of detached feeling.  And it doesn't help that two of my coworkers had to put down their dogs this weekend as well.  Makes the cool evenings a little colder.

Goodnight and goodbye, Frisky.  I hope you are in a better place now, with better people than we are.
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