Monday, November 12, 2012

Botched Game Night

Well, another game night fell through.  This one was entirely my fault because I was called upon to be an Astronomer for a fund raiser as well as an authority on Planetaria.  So, we couldn't meet Friday night and tried to regroup on Saturday.  However, half of the group had either work related issues or family demands which prevented all but 2 from showing up.  Instead, we had a nice relaxing dinner, discussed movies, and then played two games of Star Wars Miniatures game.  In the first, an X-wing and a Y-wing took on two TIE fighters and a TIE Advanced.  The Rebels wiped the Imperials off the board.  In the next game, we upgraded almost all the pilots and ships and played 2 X-wings & a Y-wing against 4 TIE fighters and a TIE advanced.  The Empire got its revenge and the Galaxy is now safe from some Rebel scum.

So, the next game will be the day after Thanksgiving if we can all get together then.  I foresee 3 not being able to make it already.  And since my dad will be in town, I may have to cancel that game as well.  We'll see. 

Anyway, back to working on the CSIO game, I guess.  Or grading lab reports...ugh...
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