Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Less Fun than Normal Evening

There was supposed to be a game on Friday.  Most of the 7 of us had answered in the affirmative in the email roll call sent out on Tuesday.   However, when the usual meeting time rolled one showed.  Half an hour passes and one shows up.  One who is usually one the of the last to show up because of traffic and work.  About 15 minutes after that, the DM shows up just as our Tennessee player chimes in on Google+.  So, it's almost an hour past the usual gathering time in which we usually try to get ready to actually play, and we're missing our two fighters, our ranger, and our cleric player.  What is there is the sorceror, the rogue (me), and the psionicist...none of whom like to lead.

We putz around because the two fighter players indicated that they might be late; one due to a garage sale he's hosting and the other due to a training session.  The ranger we knew would not be present because he was involved in a wedding out of state.  News arrives to the DM that the cleric will not be present because of personal issues at home.  Great....

So we go ahead and start, sort of.  In the last session, the base camp had been attacked by drakes and at least 90% of those present had been injured or killed.  The only recourse for us is to reincarnate the necessary dead, but only two NPCs can cast the spell for a total of 5 times per day.  The DM hands us a list of the dead and says, "write out the order of who all you're planning on bringing back".  We just look at him and then at each other.  He might as well as asked us whether we wanted round ice cubes or square ones in a drink.  We just don't care....not one jot.  So, we reincarnate our boss first.  He comes back as a faerie dragon.  Then we dump the decision on him, make a list of the important ones to bring back because we couldn't care less.  And, he does...sort of.

It was the most boring thing I have had to do in a game.  Ugh....I really don't care, didn't care, and not sure if I ever could care.  We finally set up enough of a plan that the DM's happy.  Everything works okay for the first 6 days; in that, we get the essential NPCs up (though a few are useless animals) and the lizardfolk shaman (who is helping) gets a batch of his back.  On Day 7, he has 4 failed reincarnates. 

Alarm bells in my head.  Something's wrong....but this is also so boring that I can't care enough to make myself try to solve it.  Mistake, big mistake.  That night, we're attacked by 8 plague zombie lizardfolk children (it's as wrong as it sounds) and 4 lizardfolk skeletal warriors.  Remember, no cleric present and no fighters.  In the first round of combat, the finesse fighter's player shows up.  He was able to get away.  It helps, but not a lot.  And we get a boring PF fight, that goes on for 9 rounds of game time and 2 hours of real time.  Yep, 2 hours because there are 12 monsters and 6 NPC's that the DM runs in the same combat with us.  Ugh....

We figure out that something's tampered with the bodies of some of the lizardfolk undead.  We load up the dead that might still have use and aren't tainted as well as all the living onto the boat.  It's ready to fly.  We start to lift off with the goal of getting to the castle to loot it of the ballistae and we stop the game there.  There is some RP and possibly more combat before we can truly be underway.

I don't know when we'll be all together again though.  School's starting soon and two of us have kids who are involved with high school football in some way.  We'll see.
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