Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gaming Stories, Part 1

Yeah, I'm late with writing up the Pathfinder game from over a week ago.  Last week was the final week of Summer Camp for this year and I had an unusually large group of kids.  The maximum is 16 and we had 14 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon.  On top of that, several of the kids could not follow instructions about gluing or sanding.  But we made it work.

So, as for the game, we were missing a couple of players initially due to job conflicts.  However, most of the job problems resolved themselves and we got the full group back minus the cleric.  We were presented with two options: hunt down the source of the "black water" or find the missing helm of the ship.  The "black water" occurred every month, one the new moon, in which the incoming river turned black and essentially poisoned the lake.  It cleared within a day but everyone within a certain distance of the shore was ill for 3 days.  The missing helm was probably in the hands of the hobgoblins and bugbears which held a keep we bypassed on our way to the lake and the ship.  Since we had lizardfolk allies, we asked them to essentially search the lake bottom for the helm just to make sure it wasn't in the lake.  We hunted upstream for the source of the "black water" while this was occurring.  We had a time limit of a couple of days to find the source and stop it.

Two days of hiking and searching, looking for areas where the plants and animals avoided the water led us to a clearing high up in the hills.  In the clearing were several bones and bits of debris (like belt buckles, shoes, etc.) which indicated a battle had occurred there about a decade ago....the same time as the crash of the airship.  No animal tracks were found within a 100 yards of the clearing which gave us a clue that the problem was here.  We sorely missed our cleric at that time.  I had a strong hunch that we'd be fighting undead and it would have been nice to have gotten a clue from a Speak with Dead spell.  Oh well.  We spread out just outside the clearing and waited for sundown.

Shortly after full dark, we saw a group of ghostly figures heading upstream and into the clearing.  They were gesticulating and "talking" but we heard nothing.  They then spun about and looked into the woods opposite of the river and drew weapons.  A "battle" ensued and we saw several of them fall.  If the bodies landed in the stream, a black spot would spread and move down.  If they fell in the clearing, a black spot would spread over the ground.  We walked out and tried to hail them but they ignored us.  Looking for invisible creatures, we found 3 bugbear spectres attacking the ghostly creatures.  We attacked the bugbears and immediately all the sailing crew vanished.  The fight with the spectres was tough and I had to resort to the Rod of Wonder again.  It sent one of our group into the Ethereal Plane who then could wail away on the spectres with no miss chance.  It turned me invisible on the second use.  And I cannot remember what happened on the 3rd discharge.  But it was a pitched battle and we managed to overcome them.

Once the spectres were defeated, the ghostly crew returned and awarded our finesse fighter with a magical rapier. Then the ghostly crew disappeared.  No more "black water" which means we don't have to haul all the lizardfolk out now.  They can stay in this area, which is what they wanted anyway.  Several of us gained a level which means more screwing with numbers and stuff.  Ugh...hate that part.  Especially for a PF rogue....
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