Monday, January 30, 2012

Interesting Days

Well, after a couple of weeks of intense constant grading, mentoring, reading, testing, and such, I've hit a lull in things at school.  I'm not complaining.  I'm actually very grateful.  I can spend some time thinking about the games I'm running or in, catch up on reading other folks' blogs or FB posts, and just relax some.  My evaluation meeting went well this morning, so I presume they'll invite me back for another year of teaching.  Cool.

In getting caught up, I read that Jean Wells passed away quite suddenly and quite young.  I often read her work in the Dragon.  Like so many of the other folks (Arneson, Gygax, Bledsaw), I never got a chance to say "Thank you for a great game".  That's why I always try to make it to the North Texas RPG con.  I get to tell Tim Kask and Steve Winter and Jim Ward and Paul Jaquays and Rob Kuntz and Frank Mentzer and Erol Otus,  "Thank you". 

Remember, life's too short to play games which are no fun.  Life's too short to be unhappy with who you are.  Be yourself.  If other folks don't like who you are, that's their problem.

Those who mind, don't matter.  And those who matter, don't mind.

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